Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sales Stratergies

This is my guide on developing a good effective Sales Strategy-

1. Process Makes Perfect :
You are in control and not your prospect. Basically at the start guide your prospect into the process you would like to follow.
- I decide when, What and How much.
- Process Starts when the discussion of the problem and ends when the solution is delivered not when PO is cut.

1. Why you are interested?
2. What business problems you have?

Orientation - Laying out your process in each step of the way.

2. Develop Detachment

You work your process and don't worry about the results. Dont be clingy. Bigger the deal got more attached she got to process.
She cared less about making the sale than the customer about solving the problem.

3. Engage in concerted Market Activity-

Dont depend upon the marketing department to get you leads but you need to engage in activities which get you leads.
First strategize on activities that will produce which maximum payback. Then just focus on those activities dillgently to get the leads.

4. You only have one chance at a clean beginning-

First call is very important,
a. What prompted you to make the call
b. What impact of that will have on your business?
c. What role do you play on your business?

Have a dialogue builder for each situation. Come of as a savvy problem solver.

I will talk to many people as I can, if people have no problem or in denial of their problem, I will move on.

start with I dont whether I can help or we are an fit for your company.

5. Too Much Enthusiasm cost you money

Enthusiasm is dangerous, it can frighten people.
- High income does not follow high enthusiasm.
- Enthusiasm make people like you but solving problems make you like you.

6. Sinking into the Commodity Dungeon

- Prospect perceives your product similar to other product.
- Why should I buy from you?

That is a wonderful question, only reason is that we can solve the problem better than others.

7. Solving Problems Continually to maintain relationship

When the orginal problem gets solved and they become your client. Work continualy to solve thier other problems to keep the relationship.

8. More you talk there is chance you will talk something stupid
Talking you should be talking 25% and prospect talking 75% of the time.

9. There is Wisdom in ignorance.

I keep what I know myself and I will only share when information is mutual to our benefits. Power in not being smart but in process.

10. Things you shouldn't say-

What do I need to do earn your business?
I like to probe what your needs are?
c. Is that important to you sir?
d. We really like to have a shot at your business?
e. Hello Marge, when you really don't know marge?

11. Know All The Contacts.
But your knowledge of your client base is what gives you value as a company.
Do you have an organizational chart handy of every one of your top accounts? Is it up to date? Don’t leave your database management up to anyone else.

11. Once They Are A Client, You Can Call On Anybody.
Once someone has purchased from you in a business-to-business setting, you have the unstated-permission to talk to anyone in the organization.

12.Have A 30 Second Commercial Ready For Every Service or Product.

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