Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sales Process

Sales Process

Well defined sales process helps the sales person stream line his activities such that it acts as a road map to every opportunity possible. It makes the sales repeatable such that the once you have a successful process in place you can just repeat the process for 90% of the situations. This also helps Sales Managers to train new Sales Executives such that they can up and running in a short span of time.

There are three major steps in your Sales Process-

A lead comes from a marketing campaign or you are browsing a trade magazine and you find a prospect in your area whom you can contact to get more business.

First and Foremost you need to have a confident script which would do the following -

Cold Calling Strategy
- Introduce yourself and the company you work for in a clear manner that the prospect understands
- Provide a gist problems you normally solve for a client like theirs.
- Provide a list of associations or other clients he is working in his area.
- Schedule an appointment for a later date to go over the challenges the client faces.

"Good Morning Tim,
- My name Jay Balapa, I am calling from Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. and I work as the the Director of Enterprise Solutions . We are in the business of assisting health care facilities similar like yours in Planning, Compliance and management of buildings.
- In your area we are privileged to have Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Rush Presbyterian as our clients.
- Iam calling in to see if there is an opportunity for us help you overcome your challenges and provide a solution which meets your needs.
-Can we schedule a follow up conference call such that I can better understand your operations and see if there is an oppurtunity for us to work together."

If there is a lead from a Marketing




Sunday, January 25, 2009

Economic Indicators

1. Yield Curve

To draw the yield curve plot the 3 month treasury bill, 10 year bond and 30 year bond.
Normal yield is curve is upward slopping since the bond investors want higher yield for a 30 year duration instead of 3 month.

What is an inverted yield curve, it means 30 year rates fall below the 3 months rates it means that long term investors are indicating the economy is going to cool down in the future or a recssion is in the cards.

2. Average number of initial applications for unemployment insurance

The increase in this number indicates bad for the economy but decrease creates an upcoming bull market.

3. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

Shows how the consumer sentiment decrease would be bad for the market in general.

4. S&P 500 50 day moving average

This is a good indicator because it gives you all the above trends priced in if the S&P 500 goes below 50 dma a good place to get out of equities and start shorting stocks.