Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sales Process

Sales Process

Well defined sales process helps the sales person stream line his activities such that it acts as a road map to every opportunity possible. It makes the sales repeatable such that the once you have a successful process in place you can just repeat the process for 90% of the situations. This also helps Sales Managers to train new Sales Executives such that they can up and running in a short span of time.

There are three major steps in your Sales Process-

A lead comes from a marketing campaign or you are browsing a trade magazine and you find a prospect in your area whom you can contact to get more business.

First and Foremost you need to have a confident script which would do the following -

Cold Calling Strategy
- Introduce yourself and the company you work for in a clear manner that the prospect understands
- Provide a gist problems you normally solve for a client like theirs.
- Provide a list of associations or other clients he is working in his area.
- Schedule an appointment for a later date to go over the challenges the client faces.

"Good Morning Tim,
- My name Jay Balapa, I am calling from Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. and I work as the the Director of Enterprise Solutions . We are in the business of assisting health care facilities similar like yours in Planning, Compliance and management of buildings.
- In your area we are privileged to have Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Rush Presbyterian as our clients.
- Iam calling in to see if there is an opportunity for us help you overcome your challenges and provide a solution which meets your needs.
-Can we schedule a follow up conference call such that I can better understand your operations and see if there is an oppurtunity for us to work together."

If there is a lead from a Marketing




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