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THE LITTLE REDBOOK of SALES ANSWERS 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense,

Make Sales, and Make Money - Jeffrey Gitomer

My first foray into sales is being taught by the world renowned Sales Guru. But Iam not going to answer in these notes. Some things are common sensical but others are very insightful.


Personal Improvement That Leads to Personal Growth

1. What is the meaning of sales?

2. How do I become the successful person I dream about,

and deserve to be?

3. How do I do my best every day?

4. How do I attain, achieve, and maintain a positive attitude?

5. How can I improve my humor?

6. How can I improve my creativity?

7. How can I improve my writing skills?

8. My company won’t buy me a laptop. What should I do?

9. How do I get a mentor, and how do I build a

relationship once I find one?

10. What causes my fear of failure, and how do I get over

dejection caused by rejection?

11. What is the secret of worry-free living?

12. What books should be in my library? What are the best

tapes and CDs to listen to in the car?

13. Should I change jobs?

14. Should I sign a non-compete?


Prospecting for Golden Leads and Making Solid Appointments

15. How do I make a cold call?

16. How can I STOP making cold calls and still make


17. How can I get around a lower-level person?

18. What is the best way to get information to a prospect?

19. What is the best way to get past the gatekeeper?

20. What is the best way to get information on a prospect

before a sales appointment?

21. What is the best way to set an appointment?

22. How do I find out who the real decision maker is?

23. What do I do when the prospect doesn’t show for an


24. What do I do when the prospect lies?

25. What questions am I asking my prospects and customers

that my competition isn’t asking?

26. Why did the last five prospects say no? What am I doing

about it?

27. Why did the last 10 prospects say yes? How am I

building on that?


How to Win the Sales Battle AND the Sales War

28. What is the best way to approach a sale?

29. What are the two most killer questions in sales?

30. What are the three dumbest questions in sales?

31. What is the best way to control a phone conversation?

32. How do I get around the price objection? (Who brought

up price anyway?)

33. What is the difference between a stall and an objection?

34. How can I prevent objections from occurring?

35. How do I recognize buying signals? What is the most

powerful buying signal?

36. What is the best time and way to ask for the sale?

37. How do buyers decide, and what are buyers looking for?

xii Jeffrey Gitomer The Little Red Book of Sales Answers


Sales Skill Building -- One Brick at a Time

38. Why do buyers not return my call? How do I get

my calls returned?

39. What does the voice-mail message I leave say to

my customers?

40. What is the best way to use the Internet to make sales?

41. Should I try to “type” the buyer?

42. What is the best way to prepare for a sales call?

43. Should I honor a “No Soliciting” sign?

44. What is the best way to beat the competition?

45. What is the best way to ensure I get a reorder?

46. What is the best way to follow up?

47. What are the best ways to add value?

48. What is “give value first”?

49. How can I create more valuable questions?

50. What is the “sale after the sale?”

51. Why do customers cancel?

52. What is the best way to get out of a slump?

53. What are the biggest mistakes salespeople make?

54. What are the fatal flaws of selling?

55. What should a business lunch consist of?

56. Should I golf for business? How?

57. What should I say when the customer calls and he’s mad

as hell?

58. How can I prevent the prospect from going with the

lowest price?

59. How can I make my proposal stand out?

60. What is the best way to use testimonials?

61. What do I say to my customer when my competition lies

about me, my product, or my company?

62. How do I beat “Call Reluctance?”

The Little Red Book of Sales Answers Jeffrey Gitomer xiii

63. What kind of thank you note should I write?

64. How excellent are my selling skills?

65. What is the best way to make my quota every month?

66. What is the best way to manage my time?

67. Why do I quit so easy when the customer tells me, “No?”

How long should I have hung in there?

68. What is the best way to double my sales this year?

69. Who is the most important person in the world?

70. How much time should I invest in promoting and

positioning my business?

71. How am I helping my customers build their business?

72. What am I doing to earn my customers loyalty?

73. How vulnerable am I to our competition?

74. What do I need to learn to get ahead?

What do I have to do to get ahead?


Building the Friendship. Building the Relationship. Earning the

Referral. Earning the Testimonial. Earning the Reorder.

75. How easy is it to do business with me?

76. How friendly are the employees at my company?

How friendly is my boss? How friendly am I?

77. How can I establish rapport?

78. What is the best way to begin a relationship?

79. Where should I network?

80. How do I develop a powerful 30-second commercial?

81. How much time should I devote to networking?

82. What are the secrets of networking success?

83. How do I get better leads than anyone else?

84. How do I get testimonials?

85. How powerful is a testimonial in completing a sale?

86. What am I doing to prevent the loss of my best


xiv Jeffrey Gitomer The Little Red Book of Sales Answers

87. Am I available to my customers when they need me?

88. What value am I bringing to my customer beyond my

product and service?

89. Why will some customers leave?

90. How do I get more referrals?

91. What is the best way to approach and work a referral?

92. How many people are spreading my “word” for me?


Building Your Personal Brand

93. How can I differentiate myself from the competition?

94. How often am I in front of my customers?

95. What can I do to my Web site to entice my customers

to buy from me?

96. What am I “known” for?

97. Are you a sales leader or a sales chaser?

98. What am I recognized as being the “THE BEST” at?

99. What do the leaders in my industry say about me?


The Final AHA!

99.5 How much do I love what I do

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